Welcome To The Party Inside My Head!
because i know you all care, lol.

Currently  Survey from Quizopolis.com

What are you wearing? - pj’s, gel eye mask, band-aids.

What do you smell like? - my perfume?

What are you drinking? - throat coat tea.

What are you tasting? - queso w/ vegetarian crumbles & chips.

Where are you?  - NOLA.

Where do you wish you were? - NOLA or maybe at home.

What are you hoping? - that I can make the changes my voice teacher talked to me about.

What are you worried about? - I hate that I’m getting nervous whenever I perform in studio.

What do you want? - to successfully make the changes and not get nervous.

What will you buy today? - more neosporin and maybe some other blister stuff.

What are you looking forward to? - singing @ the prism concert tonight and going home in a couple of weeks.

What made you laugh? - last night, everything.

When will you sleep? - I might take a nap later today… lol.

What will you do tomorrow? - go to church, learn music, practice, re-read some things for theory, practice.

What do you hear? - SyFy is on in the background.

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